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Download Protonmail App

Protonmail App is one of the free encrypted email service founded in 2013. It uses client-side encryption to protect emails and information before they send to Protonmail servers, which is an advanced feature for this service.

Download Protonmail App for Android | iOS (iPhone) | PC | Laptop

Protonmail App also rolled their services through applications free for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Firstly, the public beta version released in May, 2014 and completely rolled to all public in March, 2016. It is developed by Andy Yen, Jason Stockman, Wei Sun at CERN research facility. It is licensed under open source which also released their source code for web interface which is written in PHP and JavaScript.

Features of Download Protonmail App

1. It requires two passwords, one for login and another one to access inbox emails.
2. You can send mail to other services like gmail, Hotmail , etc.,
3. It also had auto destruction for expired messages, which is similar feature in Snapchat and Telegram.
4. It also providing services in two languages English and French.
5. It’s current version is 1.2.4 and consists of 15 MB of size.

How to Download Protonmail app for Android , iOS ( iPhone)

1. Just go to the official application stores which is recommended to download any applications for your device like Google Play Store for Android, iTunes for iPhone.
2. Search for ” Protonmail ” app for Android as well as “Protonmail” app for iOS.
3. Pick the official application to download it. Then, download the application first.
4. Later on, automatically the system will install the Protonmail app for your use.

How to Download Protonmail App for PC | Laptop – Windows , Mac

1. This method will work for both Windows and Mac systems.
2. Download Bluestacks emulator or any emulator which works for your system (Windows or Mac)
3. After the completion of downloading and installation, move to search for the application.
4. Then, download and install the Protonmail App for PC and enjoy the services.
I think it can become best email service for people who wants to be secure, I will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to change from other mail services to these service. Thanks for reading our article, hope you find other articles which are interested to you. Just navigate around website to read more content.

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