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Facetime for Android Free Download
Facetime is virtual conversation product through audio calls, video calls and also through messaging. This incredible application was designed by Apple company in 2010 for mobile phones and for desktop systems are initially released in 2011. It is really acquired a very good attention from many users other than iOS operating systems like Android, Windows and others. Firstly, this project is announced on 2010 at the 2010 Apple Worldwide Developers conference. On the application stores, initially it was set for 0.99$, only to provide unadvertised feature on it.

Facetime for Android Free Download | Install

If you got any mail or sms to your device, then the conversation will be automatically paused and that’s really astonishing feature. It only supports one to another chatting, do not supports multi-person conference application. You can also get calls from your friends or anyone, although your account is not running. You can easily operate it with apple id or with another email. You can easily operate Facetime like normal phone calling system. You can hold another call, and accept another call or decline it. It also supports HD camera with good video clarity to you and receiver.
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But unfortunately, there isn’t any source to get this app for android devices. Check out the below excellent alternatives for FaceTime for Android. The below alternative applications are with almost same features and also some unique features and able replace FaceTime app.

Best Alternatives of Facetime for Android

1. Skype
Skype is one of the best used video conversation purpose by the mobile and desktop users. It is introduced by Microsoft company. By using skype, you can call to anybody in this world who is also in the skype community. With single Microsoft account, you can start using skype on your android device and hope you really enjoy the service of Skype.
2. Facebook
Facebook is also best used application for social network for messaging, group chat, audio and video calls and even for business purpose. It’s been a very great platform for campaigning and you can definitely able to reach any kind of news within minutes if anything happened in the world. You can just create with a number (or) mail id with a password at www.facebook.com website.
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3. Google+ Hangouts
I think for every android users, hangouts is a best in-built application by google company. It’s really good for conference and business calls purpose with excellent features. With your www.gmail.com account, you can sign in and set your profile to have a very good video and audio chats with your circle.
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