Free Drum Samples in 2020

Free Drum Samples

Here in this article, we have collected aa huge list of free drum samples, whatever the genre you are inclined to Either electronic, heavy metal, hip hop,  trap or an afrobeat will be definitely help you and also you can mix with your direly needs. This drum samples that boast eclectic styles of drumming suitable for a wide array of genres.

These samples are royalty-free hence you can use them in your music along with VST Plugins with reckless abandon.

List of Best Free Drum Samples in 2020

  • Drum samples for Metal-Free

The Heavy metal fans can definitely recreate the legendary Linndrum LM-1 drum machine with these free samples that utilize three different free drum kits to achieve that heavy sound.

1.Drum Mic’a by Sennheiser

This is another free acoustic drum sample with the huge collection when extracted of over 9GB worth of 24-bit acoustic drum samples, with up to 25 velocity layers per articulation for Native Instruments Kontakt(a sampling tool that allows you import and record your own samples.) and full support for Kontakt Player.

2.Drum Samples by Ultimate Metal Forum

Have you ever snag a collection of custom-made acoustic drum samples for free. Just Simply click through the links to excavate into some rock concert ready samples which is posted by Ultimate Metal Forum members.

List of Free Drum Samples

3.Slingerland Drumkit by Indie Drums

This Slingerland really sounds great if you Replete with a set of 23 acoustic drum kits in 24-bit WAV format

Note: Slingerland boasts the mighty Sabian cymbals and Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum sounds.

4.Free DrumSamples For Trap Music

Free DrumSamples For Trap Music has become famous and very prominent for its mashup of rap and electronic music. Add these drum samples into your own audio tracks and give them that signature trap sound with dirty loops and dancefloor-ready samples.

5.Free DrumSamples For Hip Hop

Designed by the pros, although these samples cater to Hip Hop, they can seamlessly blend in with electronic music as well. Feel free to take them for a spin on your DAW and give your beats a major boost. Here are some more goodies

6.Free Dubstep Samples

Dubstep is renowned for rich and thumping drum beats. These free samples will lend enough firepower viz. beats to your dubstep tracks. Each pack comes loaded with multiple files with enough variations so that your beats arsenal is filled to the brim with new patterns.

7.Free DrumSamples For Future Bass

A hardcore fan of future bass? Those highly melodic synths and hard basslines in your mix will be ably complemented by these drum samples.

8.Free Drum Samples For Home Music

Creating house music is seldom possible bereft of good drums. These free samples will propel you to add trademark unique beats popular in House genre into your own tracks.

9.Big Mono by Analogue Drums

Recorded via a vintage Neve desk, Big Mono is a collection of rich-sounding drum kits that sound as splendid as they come. You will be in awe of these solid drum samples if you don’t mind a bit of room reverb. It does provide native support for Battery and Kontakt along with custom SFZ format mappings.

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