How to Set Your Default Apps in Windows 10

Default Apps in Windows 10

Microsoft has recently launched Windows 10 Technical preview to all of the windows 8 users. As still it is the technical version it has got some bugs in it. Although this is the old process where Windows first launches a preview version and then after resolving all the issues then it launches the stable versions of windows. Microsoft said that Windows 10 offers more features and ensures better productivity for the user. Microsoft even stated that Windows 10 is faster, smoother and yet very powerful than any of the previous versions of Windows.

Also Microsoft has completely changed the old shabby looking Internet Explorer. Now they named it as Microsoft Edge. This becomes the default web browser in windows 10. As Windows 10 user interface is different from windows 8 versions, many people are facing problems due to the new interface. One of those problems is setting up default apps in Windows 10. So I am going to share easy method to do this.

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How to Set Your Default Apps in Windows 10

1) Go to Settings from the Start Menu.
2) In the Settings menu click on System and then move down to Default apps located in the lower left side

3) After clicking on Default Apps you can be able to view different type of apps like Movies & TV, Windows Media Player and many more. For suppose you want to play the mp3 format files using VLC media player then you need to just select the format in the left hand side and then select the VLC media player application from right side. By doing this you can be able to play different file
formats with different applications.

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4) If you are finding it difficult in windows 10 then don’t worry you can be able to manage default apps like done in the previous versions of windows. Just choose set defaults by app.

5) After choosing it you will be displayed a bunch of applications. Her if you select Microsoft Edge as the default browser then it will open any type of HTTP links, FTP commands or even attached PDFs

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6) In this menu you can also select different formats that should be opened by the chosen application.

7) If you mess up any settings out there then don’t panic you can reset them .You just need to select Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults option in the Default apps menu.

Final Words

So many users got confusion while using Windows 10 features and settings. This Default app settings is one of the most searched problems by the users in the internet. So the above method is one of the easiest methods to change settings. If you have any doubts regarding the process then you can comment below.

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