How to Create Facebook Group

Facebook Group:

The Facebook being the top social networking site as different types of features like Facebook Pages , Facebook Groups etc. You can add or create the Facebook Group for free of cost and build the group where the people of specific profession or community or share same thoughts can join the group and share learn the knowledge .


Facebook Group are being created and millions of Fb groups are out there on the site , a user can join the facebook group directly for public one , and sometimes ask permission to join the groups , there are also Secret Groups where the discussion is limited to few people and will not be found to any one except the group members .

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If you want to create the Facebook group then follow the few steps .

  • Log on to your FB (FACEBOOK)account
  • Then on the left sidebar you will find the CREATE GROUP , click on that and you can start creating the group
  • Then you will find the Group Name there fill the name of the Group you like and below you will find the blank to fill the Member invitations .

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  • Then choose the type of group you want to create , Public Group or Closed Group or Secret Group
  • Click on the type of the Group and click create Group
  • By this your group is created

Please comment below your group name created also comment if you find errors in creating the Facebook Group 

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