How to fix your Fitbit Not Sync Issues

How to Fix Your Fitbit Not Syncing

  • The Fitbit can work through your phone, tablet, and even with your PC.
  • Sometimes your own Fitbit device may bring you into an issue i.e. it is not syncing to an android device, computer, or iPhone.Then the app immediately responds to you telling that you don’t sync the process or the fitness tracker cannot be found. The reasons for this dysfunction can be easily fixed and implemented quickly.
  • This article outlines these fixes and fix the sync issues suitable to all the Fitbit tracker devices like Fitbit Ace, Fitbit charge 3, Fitbit Ionic, and Fitbit Versa.


What is Syncing?

 Syncing is the process that allows transferring the data that your device collects to fit Your Fitbit device Dashboard.

 Reasons for Fitbit Sync Errors

These errors are generally related to the Fitness Tracker which is lost connection with your device i.e. computer, tablet, android phone, and an iPod touch. The main reason for this is connecting to more devices at a glance, the Bluetooth not working properly in your Fitbit OS.

 How to fix a Fitbit Tracker Sync Problem

  1. Force a manual Sync: To force a sync, click on the member card icon and then tap the name of the Fitbit tracker, and then tap finally Sync Now.
  2. Verify your Bluetooth Settings: With the help of your Bluetooth your tracker sync the data to your devices like mobile, computer, so if it is disabled it never connects.
  3. Bluetooth can be worked by turning on and off from the Menus of your devices.
  4. For Android and windows -Swipe down to open
  5. For iPod OS  Swipe down in the right upper corner of device.


  1. Installing Fitbit App: Install the official Fitbit tracker app on your device i.e. tablet, computer, or phone to set it up.
  2. Update your Fitbit App: The tracker should not be outdated, If it is you have troubleshot the tracker.

Note: Sync the Fitbit Only One Device. i.e. the best you can pair it to the iPhone, and at your home sync it to the computer (windows 10) But these two shouldn’t connect at the same time.

  • But if you off turn Your Bluetooth on one device when you trying to sync the other.
  • Disabling the Wi-fi: Sometimes having a smartphone or tablet’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on at the same time can prevent each of these technologies from working properly.
    • Fitbit Battery Check-up: These may have a Long-life battery system that needs to recharge every day.
    • Restart Your Fitbit Tracker: Similar to Your PC restarting Restarting that mainly refreshes the OS and helps in Sync the issues.
    • This may vary from model to model – Generally insert the Tracker into a USB charging cable, and then supply the power source, and hold a button for a few seconds.
  1. NOTE: If the Fitbit Logo flashes on the screen, it indicates Restarting without losing your data.

How to Reset the Fitbit Tracker

  • Resetting is the last step, as it deletes all the data and returns the Fitbit to its factory settings.
  • You can restore any data synced to your online Fitbit account after resetting the device.
  • It requires a paperclip inserted into a hole while others are done in the device’s settings.
  • Note: Restarting a Fitbit turns it off and on again while resetting deletes everything on it.

Have Any Doubts or Not able to resolve the issue. Please Comment your queries in the comments below and we will solve your issues. Also if you found any other way to resolve the issue please comment below


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