How to Reset Fitbit devices : Fitbit flex, flex2, Charge, Blaze or Surge

 How To Reset Your Fitbit Device

The market is now selling different types of  Fitbit devices.. if  you  come across with any of the following issues, just restart your device

1.  Charged but not getting on

2.  Not sync

3.  Not responding to taps, swipes, and button presses.

4.   Then restart your device

5.   It turns off and then on without losing any of your Data.

Resetting this activity may sometimes vary from device to device.

NOTE:  Never try to restart your device by other damageable items as it can damage your device.

This set up is applicable for the following Fitbit devices:

1.          Fitbit Flex

2.          Fitbit Flex2

3.          Fitbit Charge

4.          Fitbit Blaze/Surge

  •   The factory resetting deletes all the stored data, but it reboots the device without losing any data.


How To Reset Fitbit Flex


1)        Computer

2)        Flex charger

3)        A Paper clip

4)        USB Port

Now turn on your  PC  fold the paper into a s-shaped one.


  1. Take away the pebble from your device and insert it into a charger cable.
  2. Now connect the charger to the USB port of your PC.
  3. Now find the black hole in the pebble.
  4. Insert the paperclip in the hole and just hold for a few seconds.
  5. Now remove the paperclip
  6. Then your Fitbit will turn on.

How To Reset Fitbit Flex2.


Steps to Rest to Fitbit Flex2:

  1. Insert the charger cable into USB Port on your PC.
  2. Now the pebble from the band and insert into the cable and lock it carefully and securely. Observe the indicator turns on and also blinking.

    No, locate the button on the charging cable which you can find it below the tracker.

  3. Then press it for two or three times for a few seconds that results in tracker vibration that means the pebble has restarted.
  4. Now you can take off your pebble from the cable and place it from where you have taken i.e. into the band.



How To Reset Fitbit Charge

It works some who different when you compare to other devices, it mainly erases the data on it.


  • USB Port
  • Charging cable
  • Fitbit Device
  1. Attach the charging cable to your device and then connect to USB
  2. Find the button and hold it down for three seconds and then remove the device from the charging cable.
  3. After the continuing holding down and releasing of the device, you can see an ALT word and your screen turns on.
  4. Now release the button.
  5. Then press the button again, until you feel the vibration, then

    release the button.

  6. Press the button again, but when you see the word ERROR, let the button go off.
  7. Again press the button, if you see the word ERASE , release the button
  8. Finally, the device itself turns off.
  9. Now Turn on the Fitbit.

How To Reset a  Fitbit Blaze/Surge

One of the important features of this device is it has no factory reset facility and the only option is to remove the tracker from the device.

Removing Procedure:

  1. Go to the Site
  2. Login the site
  3. Tap the Dashboard and tap your device that you would wish to remove.
  4. Move down to the Bottom of the Page.
  5. Click on the REMOVE this Fitbit device.
  6. Click ok.

Now Go to settings>click Bluetooth>Locate device>Click it>Forget the Device.


NOTE: If you follow these procedures you can easily set up your devices, if it is not DOWN YET, Contact the customer support.


Any Queries or Doubts about the topic or still didn’t find a solution for your problem, please comment down your query and we will help you to solve the issue. Also please comment down, if you find any new way to resolve the issue.

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