Install WordPress themes or Templates in WordPress Blog

Install WordPress Template :

Any Website or Blog looks diferent and and as its own style of colours and designs , this is you to the different types of templates we use . There are millions of templates out there and we need to just download and upload to our blog or website directly and we can use them . very platform as both the free and premium templates WordPress directory also as the millions of templates or themes for free and there are many developers and theme markets which sell there templates and mostly many templates as a price of 50$ .

How to Install WordPress themes or Templates in WordPress Blog

  • Download the WordPress template from the free template providers or pay and download the templates .
  • After you download the template you need to upload and activate the template to apply it to your wordPress site or blog .
  • Go to Dashboard and Click on the Apperance and there you will find the Themes
  • Click on the Themes and Add new .

>>> Install WordPress Plugin

>>> Reddit Login  or

After you click add new if you want to select a Template from the WordPress Directory then just search for template you like and click on the install . By this your template as being installed

Upload WordPress templates or WordPress Themes

  • If you want to upload the template , then click on the upload button on the Template >> Add New page
  • Then Browse the Template from the folder and then activate the Template
  • You can change the color to most of the Templates or Themes if you like them in the Theme options or Customizee .
  • All the upload of the Templates is Avaliabe to the Self hosted or Managed hosted blogs , not for the Free sub domains at the . If you want to enjoy the more features then upgrade your blog .

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