How to Turn Wyze Camera into a Webcam?


Before you do anything, there are a couple of things you should think about transforming your Wyze security camera into a webcam. To begin with, Wyze security cams were never intended to work as webcams. In that capacity, Wyze won’t keep supporting this. This one firmware update is all that will be accessible.

Furthermore, Wyze alerts that things may not work precisely as arranged. The organization just tried it on a couple of working frameworks, including Windows 7 and 10 alongside Mac OS 10.13. On the off chance that you have some other operating systems, you may run into similarity issues.

At long last, the most significant thing to observe is that once you’ve changed your camera to a webcam, it can’t be utilized as a security cam until you physically transform it back. This leaves you with two choices: you can either switch to and fro consistently or shortchange yourself a surveillance camera until you no longer need a webcam or can arrange a committed webcam.

A minor issue you may experience is the receiver sound might be genuinely quiet. If so, Wyze suggests utilizing a different speaker and mic if conceivable.


You’ll require something other than your Wyze surveillance camera to do the switch. Fortunately, numerous individuals as of now have the accompanying supplies available:
1. 32 GB microSD card or bigger.
2. USB A to USB A cable Wyze states a USB C to USB A may work, however, it’s not ensured.
3. Wyze Cam Pan or Wyze Cam V2.
4. Fitting firmware – Wyze Cam V2 or Wyze Cam Pan.
In a perfect world, you should design the microSD card if it’s not new. In the event that you right now have records on it, back it up first and afterwards position it. You’ll require it to install the firmware and will likewise require it to introduce the typical surveillance camera firmware to switch the camera back later.


The procedure is shockingly simple, however, a few clients have said they experienced issues getting it to work appropriately. This might be because of an unformatted microSD card or an inconsistent operating system.

To change from a Wyze camera to a webcam, you have to follow some steps. The steps for turning Wyze cam to a webcam is as follows:
Step-1: Download the firmware for your particular Wyze camera.
Step-2: Insert the microSD card into your PC.
Step-3: For Mac OS clients, open the downloaded .compress file. Drag the “demo.bin” document to the microSD card. For Windows clients, right-click the downloaded .compress file and pick “Extract All.” Drag the “demo.bin” document to the microSD card.
Step-4: Separate your Wyze camera from its power supply.
Step-5: Disconnect the microSD card from your PC and addition it into the base of the camera.
Step-6: Press and hold the camera’s Setup button as you reconnect it to the power source.
Step-7: Hold the button until the light on the camera remains strong blue. Both the yellow and blue lights will be on without a moment’s delay, causing a lighter blue shading than ordinary.
Step-8: Wait that the camera will reboot and install the firmware. In the event that it’s effective, the status light will streak both blue and yellow at precisely the same time. In the event that it’s substituting, it’s either not completed or it didn’t install accurately. The whole procedure should take under five minutes.
Utilize the USB A to USB A cable to connect your Wyze webcam to your PC. Open your video conferencing programming and pick “HD USB Camera” as your favoured camera.
The improvised webcam was tried by Wyze with GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cisco, and Blue Jeans. In any case, it might work in other video conferencing devices too.

Once everything’s complete, your Wyze security camera will function normally. You won’t need to redo the setup of anything in the app.


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