What to do if FITBIT won’t Turn On

How to Fix  When Your Fitbit won’t Turn On

Fitbit fitness trackers are always reliable, but sometimes the users notify their device won’t turn on. How to troubleshoot your Fitbit and get back on the move and also covers all the Fitbit models.

There are a few things you can sync your app If you find that your tracker won’t sync to your app.

The list below goes from the simplest fixes the problem:

  1. Make sure your tracker’s battery is charged.
  2. Close the Fitbit app and then open it again
  3. Turn off Bluetooth, then on again, and then open the Fitbit app.
  4. Try turning your iPhone off and on again.
  5. Uninstall and re-install the Fitbit app.
  6. Try resetting your tracker

Causes of a Fitbit Not Turning On:

There are many more Fitbit models,  which include bands and watches but all Fitbit devices that tend to suffer from the same Errors.


  1. Battery Drained
  2. Charging issue
  3. Software issue

How to Fix Your Fitbit Turning on issues

Let’s take a look at some easy troubleshooting steps to try on your Fitbit device. In the orderly manner presented here

Clean up the Fitbit Device: If your Fitbit device has lots of dust, grime, dirt material, the charging contacts on the underside of the device might be too dirty to charge. This preventing the device from turning on. Make clear to clean the Fitbit’s charging contacts and also the pins on the charging cable.

Note: Cleaning your Fitbit device never helps to charge but it definitely make your device a new one.

  • Fully Charge your Fitbit: Charge your Fitbit device for three hours before you use it. For a better Purpose charge, it overnight to see if that revive your tracker.
  • Charging Your Fitbit Correctly: Your Fitbit Device might not be getting sufficient power to charge its battery. Then Plug the Fitbit’s charger into an adapter and ensure your computer remains awake for several hours while the Fitbit charges.
  • Restart your Fitbit Device: Restarting your Fitbit might clear up any mistakes and get the device back up and running.
  • You may need to restart many times or other ways of charging and restarting your device. Fitbit might always need a restart to get to a point where it can accept a charge.
  • Do a Factory Reset of your Fitbit: If you restart and charge your Fitbit three times and it doesn’t respond, reset the Fitbit back to its new factory conditions.
  • Note: If anything doesn’t support or works like the above
  • Contact your Fitbit Customer Support: If these troubleshooting steps don’t work, there must be a hardware problem with your Fitbit device. For this, you can contact customer service as they have live chats, phone support, more troubleshooting help.

Here are Few Surface steps if your Fitbit Iconic Won’t Turn On :

  1. Press Menu Icon
  2. Charge your Fitbit Ionic
  3. Check the Charger
  4. Clean the Charging Port of Ionic
  5. Clean the Charging Cable Port

What to do if your Fitbit Ionic won’t Turn on After Factory Reset?


  • Charge the device for one hour.
  • Now go to Fitbit App and tap on your profile picture.
  • A new window will open up and tap on Fitbit Ionic under ” Devices.”
  • Now tap on “Sync Now.”
  • If it is syncing, it means that the device is on, and it is connected to the smartphone.
  • Now tap on the clock face and apply any clock face to your Fitbit Ionic.
  • This will turn on your device if there is no hardware issue.

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