2016 WP Engine review: Everything you need to know

Today lets find out what is that particular thing that makes WP Engine stands different in the

market. Here, we are putting some light on the unique features of WP Engine just have a look,

Unique Features:

Expect Everything: WP Engine slogan makes it clear on their mindset that you’ll get all of the

services they offer standard with every hosting plan. This means that Wat so ever plan you will be

using you will have access to all the software that has been developed by them. This include daily

backups of all your files and a 1 click restore process. Also, the company assures your security by

providing multiple firewalls and malware scans which helps you to keep files safe from hackers

and viruses.

WordPress Only: WP Engine is web hosting is popularly hosted on the popular content

management system, WordPress. They also provides the best equipment and servers which

makes a WP sites blazing fast. The company has expert development team that creates tools and

also ensures help in order to make your site better, and they are free to all users. The company

has its own tech support staff for helping their customers.

Engine Labs Project: WP Engine just not only ensures great speed to their site but also has

formed a project incubation lab that works on advancing internet and hosting software tech. This

lab works within WP Engine and also solely works on cutting edge projects to improve the

customer experience with their hosting platform.


Personal: $14.50/mo for WP hosting.

Professional: $49.50/mo for WP hosting.

Business: $124.50/mo for WP hosting.

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WordPress Experts: WP Engine focuses only on hosting and supporting wordpress sites.

Secure Backups: WP Engine also ensures backup of all the files stored in a heavily redundant,

geographically separate location. Also, in addition to it the company gives security in case your

primary data were destroyed.

Hack Protection: This company ensures a complete protection of your site from the hackers and

also, WPengine staff fix it at no extra cost to you.

60 Day Money­ Back Guarantee: WP Engine claims of refund your money within the first 60 days

incase you are not happy with their service.

Ever cache: WP Engines has created a proprietary caching technology specifically for extremely

high traffic levels. If you are choosing an enterprise level plans than you can enjoy this service.


No Uptime Tracking: The company is not having any server data available on their website. In

addition to this, they do not ensure an uptime guarantee.

Support Limitations: WP Engine do not offer 24*7 chat support service to their customers. This

service is available during certain hours.

Higher Cost: Yes Ofcourse, WP Engine is little high at cost as compared to other hosting

services like, Bluehost etc. The company’s basic plan starts at $29/month.


If you are one that ensures quality over price than definitely WP Engine is one of the best options

for starting a blog. The company gives best services watever plan you take.

If you are a old player and has a lot of traffic driving to your blog than definitely you will appreciate

the plans and service that you can get from WP Engine.

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