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Today we live in the Information Age and information-based society. Since the innovation of the World Wide Web by British researcher Tim Berners-Lee, the web has become an effectively open system and a worldwide stage for quicker progression of data and is making more seasoned types of media practically out of date. Progress in data innovations and correspondence is changing how we live: how we work and work together, how we teach our kids, study, do research and train ourselves, and how we get engaged. It’s just fitting at that point—with regards to the occasions we live in—that web-based instructing turns out to be more significant than having a coach visit your home by and by or sending your kid to a mentor’s home. So Yokibu has been started.

Yokibu is the online variant of the traditional tutorial process. In this procedure, your kid—rather than making a trip to the Teacher place, sits at a PC for a video gathering with an educator, either on a balanced premise or with a gathering of understudies joining from their particular homes.


Yokibu application is available for android as well as for ios.
To download the Yokibu app, follow the steps below:
–>First visit the site of Yokibu.
–>On the main page it will ask you to download for android or ios.
–>After clicking anyone we can able to download the application.


To get registered for the Yokibu, the school management shul get to sign up for the Yokibu.
The process for sign up of Yokibu account is as follows:
–> first visit the official site of Yokibu.
–>BY scrolling down the mouse to the lower page, the process for sign up will be available.
–>Enter the school name, School address, principal name, mobile number mail id and designation and press the send button.
Now they can verify the address and will send the login details, then after login, you have to set the student details and parents details to get the login details.


The process of sign in for Yokibu is different. The school will have the right to create an account for students.
There will be three types of logins in the Yokibu, they are STUDENT login, PARENT login, TEACHER login.
The sign in for the teachers and parents is the same. The process is as follows:
–> First the teacher or parents email which is given to the school, should be entered.
–> Now enter the password given by the school and enter the sign-in button.
Now you can access into your Yokibu account.

The signin to Yokibu for the student is as follows:

To get a sign in, You need a Yokibu Access Code. Ask your parent to login to their Yokibu account and follow the steps below to find your Yokibu Access Code.
On the website:
–>click on Account Name on the left-head of the screen.
–>click on Children.
–>click on the option ‘Get Yokibu Access Code’ below the forum list of the child.
In the Android mobile application:
–>click on Menu.
–>click on Children.
–>click on the option ‘Get Yokibu Access Code’ below the forum list of the child.
In the iOS mobile application:
–>click on Settings symbol.
–>click on Children.
–>click on the option ‘Get Yokibu Access Code’ below the forum list of the child.
After getting your access code you will be able to signup.


–>Lower cost for the Yokibu online classes.
–>Easy Retention through Digital Educational Media, children grasp concepts more easily when represented in Audio-Visual format.
–>Study from the comfort to familiar surroundings.
–>Access to Learning Resources Online in Yokibu, Enables students to engage more easily with multimedia resources and the wealth of material that is available Yokibu.
–>Students can see the travel time and they can easily study without any hesitation.
–>Getting comfortable with this style of learning is valuable preparing for the future as kids are progressively utilizing web-based learning apparatuses and strategies inside schools, universities and different organizations of learning.

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