How to record Zoom Meetings without permission of host in Windows/Mac/AndroidLinux


Participants need to get the recording privilege from the host to begin recording the Zoom meeting. But it can’t get the recording permission from the host, you can utilize a third-party screen record like VideoSolo Screen Recorder to assist you with recording Zoom meeting without permission.
VideoSolo Screen Recorder is an amazing desktop software to record all the PC sound, receiver sound, and pictures from Zoom meeting on both Windows and Mac. Same as Zoom local recorder, it can set recording area, use hotkeys to control, draw, and include a wide range of explanations. Past that, it has astonishing recordings capacities, for example, record the Zoom meeting as such a significant number of arrangements, review before spare and take depictions while recording. In particular, with VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can record uninhibitedly without the approval from the host.
To Record follow the steps below:
1. Click On “Video Recorder”, Hit “Video Recorder” on the fundamental screen to record the Zoom meeting video.
2. Select Recording Area and Adjust Sound, click the drop-down list of the screen set to pick the Zoom meeting screen region you need to catch. If necessary, change the framework sound and receiver sound.
3. Select Output Format and Set Hotkeys. In the “Output” tab, you can choose the Zoom meeting yield configuration, for example, WMV, AVI, MOV something other than MP4. You are accessible to conceal the coasting board by setting your own hotkeys in the “Hotkeys” tab.
4. Click “REC” In the Video Setting Interface to Begin Recording. Join the current Zoom meeting in progress or begin to have a meeting. At that point, you can click “REC” to record. Capacities, for example, shroud the bar, set chronicle length, take depiction, or draw are completely bolstered in VideoSolo Screen Recorder. At the point when halted, a review window will spring up then you can conclude whether to spare it in your nearby drive.


Install a screen recorder from the Play Store. Some well-known alternatives with great ratings are Mobizen, DU Recorder, and Screen Recorder by Genius Recorder. Here’s the way to download a screen recorder:
1. Open the Play Store.
2. Search for “screen recorder.”
3. Browse through the options until you find one with great ratings and reviews (for example Mobizen, DU Recorder).
5. Open your screen recorder. The steps will be similar to a popular option. Follow the on-screen guidelines to experience the instructional exercise/arrangement process, and make certain to give any mentioned authorizations when incited.
6. Once the application is running, a gliding symbol will show up on the edge of the screen. You can tap this symbol to get to the recordings features.
7. This symbol will remain available on the screen so you can begin recording in any app.
8. Open Zoom. It’s the blue symbol with a blue and white camcorder inside. You’ll, for the most part, discover it on the home screen or in the application cabinet.
9. Start a meeting. In case you’re joining a current gathering, jump to the subsequent stage. On the off chance that you are going to have the gathering:
And start the recording.
Tap the stop button to quit recording when you’re done. It’s typically a square or circle. This spares the completed video to your Android’s display.


In the event that you have the permission to record a Zoom online meeting as a host or member, you can attempt the following step to begin a cloud recording in Zoom.
Step-1: Sign in to the Zoom online interface as an admin. Click Account Settings and then turn on Cloud Recording in the Recording section.
Step-2: Start a meeting as a host. At that point click the Record button close to the base.
Step-3: Select Record to the Cloud before recording Zoom.
Step-4: You can click Pause/Stop Recording to control the whole Zoom recording process.
Step-5: When you quit recording, you will get an email sent by Zoom. It is required to process Zoom recording before review.
Step-6: You can see, share, download or erase any Zoom cloud recording document.

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