WYZE camera is not Sending Notifications

What is Wyze Camera ?

WYZE camera, the affordable small security is awesome surprisingly and can wrangle with other cams. It is an indoor camera, where you can affix it in effect at any surface in your work unit. I am very much impressed with its rotating up and down architecture and it is amiable, yet genial.

Working and Uses: It records the video and upgrades using a smart phone app. It works with a wireless communication to send the data from the camera to smartphone, after perceiving a sound. The camera has strong magnetic base that holds the camera in a proper place. It has multi-gesture for Zooming in and out of image or video.

Video quality: Magnificent
➔ Wyze Cam senses the motion, sounds,smoke and some harmful gases alarms.
➔ These alarm notification can be changed in the app settings.
➔ The motion and sound susceptivity changing facility in app settings.
BATTERY: Lasts about in 3-6 months.

The main aspect over the wyze battery is,it charges over micro-USB.

  • Download wyze app>I
  • Internet/WiFi-network
  • App sign-up
  • Add new device in the app
  • Add WiFi
  • Scan QR code
  • Completing set-up.


Color White
Height: 2.20″ (56mm)
Width: 1.97″ (50mm)
Depth: 1.97″ (50mm)
Weight 100g
CPU 1.0GHz
Memory 128MB
Camera Lens: F2.0 aperture &2.8mm focal length
Video Day time video- 15 FPS
Night vision- 10 FPS
Audio Built-in speaker and microphone
Alerts Push notifications
Cloud Storage :  AWS Cloud
Local Storage Supports 16GB Expandable-32GB micro SD card.
Data Security End-to-end encryption
Operating Systems Supports iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 or later
Usage Indoor.

It can also be used as a webcam by unclogging from power and then insert a micro SD card. Know how to use Wyze Camera into Webcam
Wyze Camera works with both Android mobiles and apple mobiles.
You can also use it with pc where it delivers an outstanding track. It has ability to create a time-lapse
video and also it is an end-to-end encrypted

Issues: people have come across with some issues regarding the WYZE camera like wise…

Is your WYZE camera is not Sending Notifications

Not sending Notifications
Here are some key steps to be followed to fix the notification alert.
Step1: primarily check your phone whether it turned on/ off.
Step2: Open the camera on your homepage.
Step3: click/ open the icon in the right top to gain access with camera settings.
Step3: click on the notification tab
Step4: click on hinged switch that shows two positions, on/ off
Step5: Finally trigger the notification on/off for the camera.


Missing whats going on out of your door.

  • Basically connect to the internet
  • Turn on push notifications for the app in your phone
  •  If the alert is still missing – Check the Firmware of the camera needs to be updated.


Steps: Device info on the screen>check update>Upgrade

Thank you for reading the article
Believe me after fixing the WYZE cam, that if neighbors or other intruders entered your home world, you would be able find them easily and clearly even if you aren’t home.
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