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Add the users and assign roles on WordPress Blogs or Websites

Adding users to WordPress Blogs:

As we know the WordPress being one of the top CMS  (content management system ) which helps us to deliver our content with out any coding language and maintain huge blogs or websites and WordPress is leading CMS since 2003 .


>> Change Pinterest password

>>Install WordPress template


The WordPress is the user friendly and you can add number of authors to your blog . Any one who get the access to the blog can generate content and publish . There are different types of roles being assigned to the users .

Administrator : 

The Admin or Administrator is the person who hold total access to the account . He only as the authority to add the new users and assign the roles to them . He can have the whole access .

Author :

The Author is the person who will have only access to few pages on dashboard , he can only add the content and edit the content of his own

Editor :

The Editor is the person who as access to all the system , but he cannot remove the admin , he can edit any users content including the admins .

Contributor : 

The Contributor is the person who only can contribute the content or articles to the page or site or blog .

Subscribers :

These are the readers how are regular readers who stumble for the new topics on the blog , these users will subscribe to our blog or site where a news letter is sent to  them regularly according to the time period


>> Download Tango for PC

  • To add a user to a WordPress blog we have to login to the Dashboard of your WordPress blog
  • Then if you will find the users ,place the cursor and you will get a side hove with ALL USERS , ADD NEW , YOUR PROFILE .
  • Then click on the Add New and you will find the some credentials to fill in , fill those blanks .


  • At the end you will find the Role with a hover which contains different types of roles .
  • Assign the role to the new users and click on add new user .add user to wordpress blog

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Download HayDay for PC – Windows (XP 7 8 8.1), Mac – Install

HayDay for PC

HayDay is a casual social game in which players will have to put in front of a farm that you will need all our attentions to function properly. Hay Day is a social game entertaining and pretty, designed by Supercell and unleashed in 2012.

Download HayDay for PC – Windows (XP 7 8 8.1), Mac – Install

This is one the exciting game, Hay Day allows us to make delicious dishes to then sell them for money. With that money used to improve our farm facilities, buy more animals… which translates into more products that we sell and, therefore, more money to be able to further improve our farm in the game.

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Features of HayDay for PC

1. Create a farm of your dreams and constant care of her!
2. You can cook all kinds of dishes from food that has grown yourself!
3. Negotiate their harvest with friends and other players from around the world, share on your social media pages.
5. There are day we reap our crops to transform them into the bakery, sugar or dairy products to sell them then get money and reputation.
6. Also you can trade with your friends in the game.

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How to Download Hay Day for PC – Windows (XP 7 8 8.1), Mac using Bluestacks

>> Though there were another app players, my suggestion to Download Bluestacks. Which will work reliable for both Windows or Mac desktop screens

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>>When you complete Bluestacks installation, begin search for Hay day app on bluestacks app player. observe the below figure.
>> Find the app, and start installation to run into your PC. Hope you enjoy the game on big screens too.

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Change Pinterest Password, www.pinterest.com change, Reset password

Change Pinterest Password:

Pinterest, one of a free website based mobile application company which got enlighten in the past few years. It requires registration for use. Any individual potential user can be referred by an already signed in user to have access to pinterest. Users can save, upload, browse and can even download images in the mobile application. Users can then save individual images or pictures of their fellow users and can “pin it”. Content and images of the members will appear on your home page like Facebook and twitter.

Users should be aware of certain terms and functions when using Pinterest. We can pin those sites and quotes for further references. Pinterest also allows business people to create pages aimed at promoting their companies online. Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest now let’s marketers access the data collected on its users. But if becomes miserable when we forget our login password or any of the account details.
Here I am going to explain an easy way to recover your pinterest password:

How to change Pinterest Password

>>delete reddit account

When logging through your PC:

1. Log in to Pinterest. The first thing you have to do is log back into your Pinterest account from your computer and get back on to your main screen.

2. Go to Settings. Once you are logged in to Pinterest, you will need to click the profile bar at the top right of the monitor screen. A menu will drop down; click on the “Settings” button.

3. Click “Change your Password “ Once the next screen appears, you will see your account info.
The first one is your registered email address. Click on the red link right below that says “Change your Password”.
4. Enter new password. A pop-up will appear then after and it will tell you to enter your old password, and your new password twice. This will confirm you entered the password you opted to change.
Your password has been changed and your account is totally secured

Reset Pinterest Password from mobile

>>> install WordPress plugin

When using through your mobile gadget:
1) Open the Pinterest app. The first thing you need to do is to ensure the Pinterest app is downloaded on your mobile phone or tablet pc.

2) Enter your username and password.
3) Go to settings menu and then to Account Settings. Once you are on the main screen, tap the Menu button on your phone and go to the “Account Settings.”

4) Click on “Change Password.” Under the Account Settings, you will see a button that says “Change Password”; click on that.

5) Type in new password. On the new box, enter your old password followed by the new password.

You can also ask it to show the password so you know you are not making a mistake, considering it only gives you one chance to enter your password, as opposed to the computer procedure.
After you are done, select “Change” and your password is changed!

Conclusion :
This is the easiest and one of the easiest ways to change pinterest password and if you have any doubts regarding the process of it then you can comment below.

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Download Clash of Clans for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1], Mac – Install

Clash of Clans for PC
Clash of Clans is another thriving action game for smart phones. This App can also be played on your large screens. Clash of Clans is unleashed in 2012 which is developed and published by Supercell Company, based in Finland. It’s avail for Android, iOS Platforms from August, 2012.

Download Clash of Clans for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1], Mac – Install

Even now, Clash of Clans for PC is not unleashed by the official company. Though, we have another choices by using Emulator can be run on your PC. Clash of Clans features and later Download procedure were listed below.

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Features of Clash of Clans for PC

1. Game graphics are almost to zenith, makes very good experience for users.
2. You can form clan to lead them to conquest.
3. You can raise an almost empire like army, and other required things.
4. Have an option of multiplayer to form a greate clan.
5. This game can be played in Android or Apple Devices for smart phones.
6. Strategic planning and fast fighting game.
7. Get to level up your army of fighters.

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Download Clash of Clans for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1], Mac – Install using Bluestacks

>> So, to obtain Clash of Clans every system must contain android emulators in their Desktop screens. As recommended, Download Bluestacks and Install it.The App player is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

>> After finishing of that task, you are accessible to get and install any type of App through app markets like Google Play Store, iTunes, Amazon App store, etc., Use any of the app market to Install Clash of Clans for PC. When you’re done, really it’ll give fantastic game experience on your PC too.

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” Download Clash of Clans for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1], Mac – Install ”

Install WordPress themes or Templates in WordPress Blog

Install WordPress Template :

Any Website or Blog looks diferent and and as its own style of colours and designs , this is you to the different types of templates we use . There are millions of templates out there and we need to just download and upload to our blog or website directly and we can use them . very platform as both the free and premium templates WordPress directory also as the millions of templates or themes for free and there are many developers and theme markets which sell there templates and mostly many templates as a price of 50$ .

How to Install WordPress themes or Templates in WordPress Blog

  • Download the WordPress template from the free template providers or pay and download the templates .
  • After you download the template you need to upload and activate the template to apply it to your wordPress site or blog .
  • Go to Dashboard and Click on the Apperance and there you will find the Themes
  • Click on the Themes and Add new .

>>> Install WordPress Plugin

>>> Reddit Login  or www.reddit.com

After you click add new if you want to select a Template from the WordPress Directory then just search for template you like and click on the install . By this your template as being installed

Upload WordPress templates or WordPress Themes

  • If you want to upload the template , then click on the upload button on the Template >> Add New page
  • Then Browse the Template from the folder and then activate the Template
  • You can change the color to most of the Templates or Themes if you like them in the Theme options or Customizee .
  • All the upload of the Templates is Avaliabe to the Self hosted or Managed hosted blogs , not for the Free sub domains at the WordPress.com . If you want to enjoy the more features then upgrade your blog .

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Download Angry Birds Star Wars for PC : Windows XP 7 8 8.1 | Mac – Install

Angry Birds Star Wars for PC
It’s another puzzle game for the users. The Game was launched in November, 2012 for Windows , iOS. The game is developed with the collaboration of Rovio Entertainment and Exient Entertainment. ROVIO company avails one of the best game products in Angry Birds series, wish it could thrive more game series like this one. We would briefly explains the procedure to get app Angry Birds Star Wars for PC.


we are renown with one name “Angry Birds”, the game which is one of the best game apps for smartphones. It can be downloaded for Android , Windows , Blackberry , and Apple store. So, Those are the platforms that can get this game into live action. The publishers also released sequel for this game, Angry Birds Star Wars II in 2013. As every game in Angry Birds based became super hit in video games.

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You can unlock bonus levels by upgrading.
There are up to 15 battles in the new version of this Video Game.
Totally featuring 30 recently developed levels.
Use your finest skills to vanquish the villains.
Another excellent thriving puzzling video game.

-> Angry Birds Rio for PC , Angry Birds Rio for Windows 8 , Angry Birds Rio for Mac


> It can be downloaded paid app for Windows 8 or later versions. Follow the next steps to download it free on PC.
> Choose any of the app player like Bluestacks , Andy , YouWave and so on.
> After installing any of the app player, search for the app you want to download.
> Get onto your PC by downloading the app using any of the app stores.


> For Mac OS Computers or Laptops can downloaded from Mac app store.
> It is also paid app on Mac store, so follow the above procedure for windows versions.

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