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Download Six Guns for PC | Windows [7 8 8.1 10] | Mac OS – Install

Six Guns for PC
Buck Crosshaw stars in this game set in the Far West, with excellent graphics and action-packed. A lively Clint Eastwood style, you will have to ride and shoot to overcome 40 missions of the game. So, this would be best game in Cowboy featured with modest graphics.

Download Six Guns for PC | Windows [7 8 8.1 10] | Mac OS – Install

In Six Guns – Horses, revolvers, desert landscapes… all ingredients in the far West are present in Six-Guns. If you dream to be John Wayne, Six-Guns will give you guns. In Six-Guns, you have to help him to face his enemies and bandits who belong to the field of the paranormal.

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Features of Six Guns for PC

Action game that mixes western and horror genres.
Face characters outside the law and paranormal beings.
Over 40 different missions.
Unlockable items as horses, weapons, ammunition, clothing and other objects.
Astonishing Graphics are mixed with sounds in game.
A game mixes action with cowboy style of places , people, and objects.

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Download Six Guns for Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10

>> From Windows 7, Microsoft is avails many applications for desktop screens via Windows Store. So, It is only avail to Windows 10 or 8 or 8.1. So, open the windows store.
>> Search for Six Guns on search box and proceed to the further procedure. See all the requirements, and other necessary things.

>> Finally, click on “install” button to start the Download Six Guns.

>> The chore may takes much time according to the size of the game and data connection. So, after completion of installation of app. It’ll give notification that Six Guns app is ready to play.

>> If you’re unable to find over there, Download Bluestacks to Install in the form of app on your PC.

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Download Six Guns for Mac OS

>> As usual, for Mac OS there will be official iTunes to download any app for large screens. Use that platform and search about Six Guns
>> After Finding, start installation of app into your PC.

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Change Facebook Account Password | Reset Facebook Password – How To


Change Facebook Password
Facebook is the top platform in providing social media connection between peoples. Perhaps it’s the best website to connect with friends , colleagues , family and others.This online Social Networking service has begun in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with some of his friends. In the span of decade, it has shown lot of impact on world wide people and especially on youth. That is why it shown rapid increase in their income. Follow below procedure to change your Facebook Account Password.

Change Facebook Account Password | Reset Facebook Password – How To

Even, they’ve acquired one of dominating social network app for mobile phones is WhatsApp. Then, Instagram is also collaborated with Facebook and which is renown for sharing pictures and videos. It has users of more than 1.4 Billion across the world. It’s avail on multiple languages with the best integrated services like Group Chat , Video Calls , Apps , Pages and many more.

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Well, many of them were facing a bit difficulty while changing any type of settings on their Facebook account page. So, here is our article will assist you about the most frequently questions about Facebook account is “ Change Facebook Password “.

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How to change Facebook Account Password

> First of all Logon to Facebook using your ID and Password.
> Observe the below figure, and click on settings icon. It is located after clicking on top last option used to logout icon.
> Observe, Password option in “General Account Settings”.
> click on “Edit” option to Change Facebook Password.
> You need to confirm the Current password. Later type the New Password and Retype to confirm it.
> Click on “Save Changes” button to finish your task. Finally, you’ve completed process for  ” Change Facebook Password ”

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” Change Facebook Account Password | Reset Facebook Password – How To “

How to Set Your Default Apps in Windows 10


Default Apps in Windows 10

Microsoft has recently launched Windows 10 Technical preview to all of the windows 8 users. As still it is the technical version it has got some bugs in it. Although this is the old process where Windows first launches a preview version and then after resolving all the issues then it launches the stable versions of windows. Microsoft said that Windows 10 offers more features and ensures better productivity for the user. Microsoft even stated that Windows 10 is faster, smoother and yet very powerful than any of the previous versions of Windows.

Also Microsoft has completely changed the old shabby looking Internet Explorer. Now they named it as Microsoft Edge. This becomes the default web browser in windows 10. As Windows 10 user interface is different from windows 8 versions, many people are facing problems due to the new interface. One of those problems is setting up default apps in Windows 10. So I am going to share easy method to do this.

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How to Set Your Default Apps in Windows 10

1) Go to Settings from the Start Menu.
2) In the Settings menu click on System and then move down to Default apps located in the lower left side

3) After clicking on Default Apps you can be able to view different type of apps like Movies & TV, Windows Media Player and many more. For suppose you want to play the mp3 format files using VLC media player then you need to just select the format in the left hand side and then select the VLC media player application from right side. By doing this you can be able to play different file
formats with different applications.

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4) If you are finding it difficult in windows 10 then don’t worry you can be able to manage default apps like done in the previous versions of windows. Just choose set defaults by app.

5) After choosing it you will be displayed a bunch of applications. Her if you select Microsoft Edge as the default browser then it will open any type of HTTP links, FTP commands or even attached PDFs

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6) In this menu you can also select different formats that should be opened by the chosen application.

7) If you mess up any settings out there then don’t panic you can reset them .You just need to select Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults option in the Default apps menu.

Final Words

So many users got confusion while using Windows 10 features and settings. This Default app settings is one of the most searched problems by the users in the internet. So the above method is one of the easiest methods to change settings. If you have any doubts regarding the process then you can comment below.

How to change Bluestacks Proxy Server | Network Settings on PC

How to Change Bluestacks Proxy Server Settings
Bluestacks is one of the best applications for the PC systems to install and run android apps on monitor.  It is one of the most used tool to use any android app on pc by the users.  The software firstly released in 2011.

How to Change | Configure Bluestacks Proxy Server Settings on PC

This virtual machine got much recognition and surpassed more than 100 million downloads by the end of 2015. The application is available in more than ten languages and you can also switch to your own languages if possible. You can download this application for free, but if you want to disable the ads and unwanted app downloads then you should purchase premium subscription. As we know that Bluestacks is not yet ready to support any proxy settings, but there was another way to setup Bluestacks proxy settings.
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How to Change Bluestacks Proxy | Internet Settings on PC – Steps

> First you need to have good proxy maintenance software, we suggest you to download Proxycap tool to finish your job.
> Go to the official site of Proxycap and go to downloads page.
> Look at the PC requirements should be Windows XP or later and Mac, even you can have on your windows phone too.
> Start download process by choosing your type of system and it will take some to finish the installation.
> Launch the application and open it. Now, the real action starts.

How to Setup HTTP | HTTPS Proxy Server for Bluestacks

You need to start your operation by configuring it.
Firstly, open the proxycap application and click your right mouse button to see the options.
You will be seeing many option from the menu and go to proxies option which is located on the left side.
In those options, go to refer image button.
You just need to fill some details by typing your name and select which type you want whether HTTP or HTTPS and do enter the hostname and required port number as 8080.
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Add Routing Rules for HTTP | HTTPS Proxy

Go to the rules category which will be third option on the left column and you will be seeing with a new page with some options on your screen.
Follow the below steps if you want to

Setup | Configure rules HTTP proxy server

> Move to rules action option and select your type as HTTP server.
> Then, navigate to specify option in program section. Click on browse button and choose which file you want to upload on Bluestacks.
> Select HD-Network.exe which is network file and upload it.
> Then, enter the type 80 in the port field and give a display name for the specified rule in that section and complete the process by OK button.
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Follow the below steps if you want to

Setup | Configure rules for HTTPS proxy

> When you are selecting type of server, choose HTTPS.
> Then, type 443 in place of port number for HTTPS. Follow the same steps as above HTTP proxy.
> Choose a display name in the Rule name section and complete the process with OK option to finalize it.

We think you got what you need to setup | configure proxy server settings for Bluestacks. If you got any doubts or questions about this article, you can use comment box or contact form to communicate with us. Hope, you enjoyed our content in this article and do see the suggested articles on this website, if you are interested.

Download Google Chrome for Windows Phone [7 8 8.1 10]

Chrome for Windows Phone
Google chrome is one of the incredible quick browser in this world and it is the most usage browser by the users through mobiles, desktops, tablet. It was designed by Google company and introduced firstly in 2008 for public usage. Soon it acquired a very good attention by all people with it’s speed, integrity using search engine


It is having some great unique features when compared to the other browsers Firefox, Safari, and others. Even most of the people search through Google search engine and by using chrome it will be more faster and effective performer than other browsers.
Check out the Features of Chrome for Windows Phone in the below.
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> You can add enormous add-ons to speed up your search process or to know deep insights of anything.
> The browser is available to large number of countries in this world and avail in more than 40 languages.
> You can save important login credentials as well as some significant url’s to switch quickly to them.
> In chrome, adobe flash player is inbuilt application and don’t need to install again to view any multimedia source which is an excellent feature to install Chrome for Windows Phone.
> You can get more number of themes collection through market or through third party.
> There is a private mode which do not track your history and do not saves any of your information.
> If you want with Google translation, you can easily translate with accepting to translate into your convenient language from a foreign language.
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1. You need to go to Windows Store which is an official store to install many applications for Windows devices.
2. Search about “Google Chrome” on the windows store and you will be seeing some results.
3. But unfortunately, chrome is not available on windows store. If you want, you can download ” Google ” Search box on it. Follow the below steps to complete it.
You don’t need to worry, as a best alternative for Google chrome, we can suggest you to download UC browser for your windows phone.


4. Click on “Install” button to start the download process.
5. After downloading the app, it will take some time to install and then it will be opened for use.
Personally, Chrome is a very good browser for many users with good performer for your search purpose. With all considering it as a very good performer for your personal usage with good security. We hope you got everything you need to get google chrome for windows phone with all features and some background information as well. If you have any doubts or queries about this article, you can contact us through contact form or by using comment box.

FaceTime App for Android Free Download – best alternatives

Facetime for Android Free Download
Facetime is virtual conversation product through audio calls, video calls and also through messaging. This incredible application was designed by Apple company in 2010 for mobile phones and for desktop systems are initially released in 2011. It is really acquired a very good attention from many users other than iOS operating systems like Android, Windows and others. Firstly, this project is announced on 2010 at the 2010 Apple Worldwide Developers conference. On the application stores, initially it was set for 0.99$, only to provide unadvertised feature on it.

Facetime for Android Free Download | Install

If you got any mail or sms to your device, then the conversation will be automatically paused and that’s really astonishing feature. It only supports one to another chatting, do not supports multi-person conference application. You can also get calls from your friends or anyone, although your account is not running. You can easily operate it with apple id or with another email. You can easily operate Facetime like normal phone calling system. You can hold another call, and accept another call or decline it. It also supports HD camera with good video clarity to you and receiver.
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But unfortunately, there isn’t any source to get this app for android devices. Check out the below excellent alternatives for FaceTime for Android. The below alternative applications are with almost same features and also some unique features and able replace FaceTime app.

Best Alternatives of Facetime for Android

1. Skype
Skype is one of the best used video conversation purpose by the mobile and desktop users. It is introduced by Microsoft company. By using skype, you can call to anybody in this world who is also in the skype community. With single Microsoft account, you can start using skype on your android device and hope you really enjoy the service of Skype.
2. Facebook
Facebook is also best used application for social network for messaging, group chat, audio and video calls and even for business purpose. It’s been a very great platform for campaigning and you can definitely able to reach any kind of news within minutes if anything happened in the world. You can just create with a number (or) mail id with a password at www.facebook.com website.
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3. Google+ Hangouts
I think for every android users, hangouts is a best in-built application by google company. It’s really good for conference and business calls purpose with excellent features. With your www.gmail.com account, you can sign in and set your profile to have a very good video and audio chats with your circle.
We think you got the stuff what you need in this article “ FaceTime for Android “, if you didn’t find answer for you need, then use the comment box to have conversation with us to solve your problem. Hope we can help you and do read the suggested articles if you are interested.