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Download Protonmail App for Android | iOS | PC

Download Protonmail App

Protonmail App is one of the free encrypted email service founded in 2013. It uses client-side encryption to protect emails and information before they send to Protonmail servers, which is an advanced feature for this service.

Download Protonmail App for Android | iOS (iPhone) | PC | Laptop

Protonmail App also rolled their services through applications free for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Firstly, the public beta version released in May, 2014 and completely rolled to all public in March, 2016. It is developed by Andy Yen, Jason Stockman, Wei Sun at CERN research facility. It is licensed under open source which also released their source code for web interface which is written in PHP and JavaScript.

Features of Download Protonmail App

1. It requires two passwords, one for login and another one to access inbox emails.
2. You can send mail to other services like gmail, Hotmail , etc.,
3. It also had auto destruction for expired messages, which is similar feature in Snapchat and Telegram.
4. It also providing services in two languages English and French.
5. It’s current version is 1.2.4 and consists of 15 MB of size.

How to Download Protonmail app for Android , iOS ( iPhone)

1. Just go to the official application stores which is recommended to download any applications for your device like Google Play Store for Android, iTunes for iPhone.
2. Search for ” Protonmail ” app for Android as well as “Protonmail” app for iOS.
3. Pick the official application to download it. Then, download the application first.
4. Later on, automatically the system will install the Protonmail app for your use.

How to Download Protonmail App for PC | Laptop – Windows , Mac

1. This method will work for both Windows and Mac systems.
2. Download Bluestacks emulator or any emulator which works for your system (Windows or Mac)
3. After the completion of downloading and installation, move to search for the application.
4. Then, download and install the Protonmail App for PC and enjoy the services.
I think it can become best email service for people who wants to be secure, I will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to change from other mail services to these service. Thanks for reading our article, hope you find other articles which are interested to you. Just navigate around website to read more content.

Safari Browser Download for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1 10] ,Mac – Install


Safari Browser Download

Safari Browser is very secure and it is top priority provided by Apple Company. The browser which will come with Mac OS and iOS operating systems devices. Later on, the browser is avail for public in January, 2003.
After that, Safari version released for Windows OS in the year 2007. It supports Windows XP or Later Operating Systems.


The latest version is Safari 5.1.7, released on 9th May, 2012 and it is the current version for Windows users. Though we know only the popular browsers Chrome by Google and open source browser Mozilla Firefox, but this one is different from them. User will definitely encounter it’s far better than Chrome & Mozilla in providing safe searches, not affecting any malware or with ads. Only in few features, it’s still lagging on that’s why Safari is unable to compete with top browsers.

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> Default search engine is “Bing” (You can change search engine through settings)
> Well supports HTML5, which includes full screen Video, Source and other things.
> Another feature to not experience Ads on webpages by using Safari Reader.
> No doubt it is secure than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
> Extensions are also available to advance your browser with some add-ons.
> Intelligent search field, which merges both Web Address & search fields, is a similar feature to Chrome & Firefox browsers.
Some of the Features were may not come for Windows OS systems, because it has stopped updating version for Windows OS. So, only few of were avail to them. For Mac users, you’ll be having many features depending on your Macbook versions.

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> Go to this page “https://support.apple.com/downloads/safari”
> Even you can get the browser in Languages too. Observe the top right side “Downloads in other languages” option.
> Choose Safari 5.1.10 for Snow Leopard Version and observe below that option there is “Download” icon to get the browser. Click on it.
> The file will start downloading after you click on “Download”. It will be in the form of Winzipper file and consumes 48.4 MB file.
> It takes some time to complete the download process. After that, Run it on your PC.
> Then, it’ll take to install the browser for few minutes and when it completes the process.
> Start enjoy browsing on Safari Browser.

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For Mac OS systems, it’ll be the default browser and pre-installed with the product of your Mac Book or any iOS devices. The browser is avail in an advanced versions to Mac OS users based on version they uses.
> For Mountain Lion version you will have Safari 6.0 or 6.1 versions.
> For Mavericks OS X can have Safari 7.0 version for it.
> For OS X Yosemite you’ll have Safari 8th version is avail for it.
And also check your OS version, with which type of version can suit it.

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Facebook Has One Billion Users On A Single Day



Facebook had scored another tremendous record by On Monday (24th August, 2015) that one in every seven people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their Friends, Families and others. This record been announced by Mark Zuckerberg via his Facebook account that “We just passed an important Milestone. For the first time ever, one billion people used Facebook in a single day.
Mark is also quoted that “This was the first time we reached this milestone, and it’s just the beginning of connecting the whole world”. So, it could create wonders in further years. The company is holding best photo sharing service “Instagram” and the another best free messaging app “WhatsApp” which created a rampant increase in usage of users which is acquired by Facebook company with offering a deal of 19 Billion dollars.

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The community has just passed decade, but created very great wonders to make a great platform for the people in giving connectivity options, for business people to accomplish some ads to engage their business, Apps & games to relax your selves to remember your memories as small kid.

This company already looking forward to give internet facility to many parts of the world, which are lagging to connect with the world with Internet.org. Its main motivation to at least provide some basic services. Many top companies even making their contribution to make successful project. Recently, the company has launched Solar Power drone to access the Internet.

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Really, the Facebook community was growing day by day with advanced features and technologies by connecting people to people. Finally, this community can accomplish more things by connecting people across the world, and it would be good to see the all the Globe members under one umbrella.

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Yahoo Mail – Forgot Password | Reset Password | Change Password | Recover Password


Yahoo Mail Forgot Password

Yahoo Mail is also one of the best used webmail across the globe.It still acquire a good position with fighting against best mail services Gmail , Outlook. Yahoo is one of the MNC, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, United States.Yahoo has many other services Web Portal, Search Engine,Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and many more.It is initiated by Jerry Yang, and David Filo.


Coming to Yahoo Mail has approximately three hundred Million users.Yahoo Mail is launched in 8th October,1997.Though, it’s been seventeen years the Yahoo Mail didn’t get down by other services.
However, there’ll be some few problems many users are facing. Here this article will help if you forgot yahoo mail password or change yahoo mail password. follow the below steps to complete your process.

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1. Go to login page of Yahoo mail.
2. Click on option “I have a problem with my password”. continue to next process.
3. There will be three options avail to you. Observe below figure, which are the three options.
4. If you click on first option, you have to fill your Yahoo ID.
5. After filling your ID, forward to next step. You can recover acess using text message to your Phone Number.
6. If you don’t have Yahoo ID at you, you can recover it by using second option.
7. You can access it through entering either Alternate Email address , Mobile Number.
8. Even that also won’t work for you, click on third option.
9. By entering you email id, you can protect it from others.

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1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account.
2. click on Help button will be best your “Mail” icon.
3. select Account Info and it’ll redirect to another page.
4. Click on “Account security” option. It unveils a new options and you will see “Change Password” option.
5. Select that option to continue to next step.
6. Fill the New Password in first box, and confirm your new password by filling the same password in next box. Then click on “Continue” button to finish the task.

I hope you get some idea about your Yahoo Mail regarding password. If you’ve any doubts or queries on above article

” Yahoo Mail – Forgot Password | Reset Password | Change Password | Recover Password ” , approach using comments.

Lenovo A2010 PC suite |USB drivers – Download for PC

Lenovo A2010 PC Suite Download
Lenovo PC suit is one of the best method to upgrade your device or tablet through desktop. It’s really a safe to do it and also takes some time for connecting them. Follow the below steps to complete Lenovo A2010 PC suit download through your system.

Download Lenovo A2010 PC Suite | USB Drivers for PC – [Windows , Mac]

PC requirements:
The software had two versions are Quick start and Lenovo Smart Assistant. Both versions support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 versions. It means, the tool supports only Windows operating systems, check this note once again.
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Lenovo a2010 PC suite download Steps

> Go to the official site to get it (http://support.lenovo.com/in/en/downloads/ds101291)
> Download Lenovo smart assistant application by one click on download now option to get started.
> The application will take some time to download it and run on your pc to start installation.
> Finally, it will take few steps to complete the installation. After that, you can use it on your PC.
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How to Upgrade with Lenovo a2010 PC suite

1. Be sure, your device is having enough charge for at least one or two hours. Your system needs to connect to internet via cable or Wi-Fi or even through mobile.
2. Take precaution to store your data anywhere secure place, in case if the device lost anything.
3. Now, connect your device to system using USB cable.
In Lenovo, there will be two device types like smartphone or tablet. There will be different mode of operations for each one. Follow them through below instructions.
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Update Smartphone with Lenovo Smart Assistant | PC suite

> You need to go status bar and then go to connection settings USB
> Check the connection about USB debugging is correctly or not.
> Finally, click on ok button to finish the task.
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Update Tablet with Lenovo Smart Assistant | PC suite

> Go to settings category, scroll down to final option – About tablet.
> Check the status of the tablet, whether it is up to date or not.
> You need to click for several times on Build number option to unveil Developer options on the screen.
> Go to the developer options and tap USB debugging to the right.
> Finish it with by click on “OK” button.
We hope you got the content for what you have searched about ” Lenovo a2010 PC suite Download ” and if you more information about this tutorial article, you can just use comment box to clear your doubts. Also, do check the suggested articles which can be interesting for you.

Download Paid Google Books From Play Store – Free

Download Paid Books From Google Books
Google book store is one of the best innovative platform for users to store books, study books provided by Google company from past decade. It is one of the best digital library started on October 2004 with a different name known as ‘Google print’.  It is one of the best tool to search with keywords about your books, because it can scan very quickly to get you efficient results related to your search.
 Download Paid Books From Google Books, Download Paid Google Books, Download Paid Books on Google Play Store

Download Paid Books From Google Books Store | Google Play for Free

There will be different modes to read books in google digital library. Firstly, full preview mode will enable you to read full book and can be downloaded for free and added to your library. Second one is preview mode only enables you to read few pages in a book to get you interested to buy the book. Third one is no preview mode will not even enables you to see at least a single scanned page. Really, with these type of features the google book store became unique for consumers. Moreover, with single www.gmail.com account you can manage your books and everything. Follow the below steps to download paid google books for free. You need to have google downloader application on your pc to get any paid books for free of cost.
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How to Download Google Books downloader for PC – Windows , Mac

You need to open your web browser and go to http://www.gbooksdownloader.com/ website to download google paid books for free.
> In the website, you will be seeing the download buttons in the below and click on download button for which system is yours whether Macintosh, Windows.

> It will take some time to download it and then open the .exe file to begin installation process.
> Take few more steps to complete installation by accepting rules and allocating it’s output folder and so on.
> You have successfully installed Google Books downloader on your PC.
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Follow the below steps, if you want to know process to

Download paid Google books using Google Books Downloader

> Open the application and you have to copy the URL on the first box.
> Search for your favorite books or needed books on google books store or google play store and copy those URL’s into the URL box.

> Then, set the output folder to save your files and click on “Download” button to start downloading book. This is how you can get download google paid books for free.
> When you have completed downloading book, enjoy reading the book and do it again the same process if you need any e-book.

We hope you have understood everything you need from the above steps about
” Download Paid Google Books for Free “.  If at all, you are unable to download complete paid book use comment box to contact us. Maybe we can solve your error to enjoy excellent service. Moreover, search any interested keywords on our website (or) see sugg