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Best Alternatives to WhatsApp


Alternatives to WhatsApp

As we aware that whatsapp is one and only thriving app used by more users than any other messaging app in these days.  But nonetheless, if for any reason you do not like WhatsApp there are many quality alternatives to use in instant messaging.


This application is the reason why many users decide to jump into the smartphone, since the ability to receive photos, videos free of charge is very attractive. Also need to be in communication with others. Some users are unsatisfied with the privacy content or the features provided by the Whatsapp has some limitations. So, many of them aware of alternatives of whatsapp, but many of them still confused what is a best alternative for the Whatsapp. For that, below description about few famous app which is used for instant messaging, video calls, and etc.,

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Tango messenger is also one of the best instant messaging, video calls, and avail for Android , iOS, Windows, and even came existence to PC(for only Windows Platform). It has alredy more than 200 Million users across the world. It is one the most downloaded app in android operating system. Tango is one of the best Alternative to WhatsApp.


WeChat it is another service that is growing strongly. Fruit of a Chinese company, can send text, voice, share photos, videos and contact information. It also has the ability to share the user’s location to chat with other users of the application that are around. It is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian s40 and s60 platforms. As Telegram, WeChat boasts their speed and their privacy. This one is also strong alternative to WhatsApp.

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With all the fuss that has been mounted with the new blue ticks Whatsapp, Telegram offers the safe alternative for excellence. It is an app focused on safety and speed. To start using it have to enter an activation code that is sent to us through SMS. One of the most outstanding features are the “Chats Secrets”, where our messages are encrypted and self-destruct after passing the time you specify. It also has good synchronization between mobile devices and the computer.

Kakao Talk

Another application arrival of Asia. It is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Bada and desks. Even it is introduced for Personal computer users. It had more than 100 million users across the world with more than 10 languages. It is used to share photos, videos and many general features as others give. No banner ads are supported and it can be also used a Walkie-talkie. It had also included gaming platform into it.


It is another application that has entered strong, especially among teenagers. Its most prominent feature is sending messages that self-destruct after five seconds. Even it is growing in one of the best services in photo sharing and social networking area. The app is obtainable in more than ten languages across the world.

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Kik Messenger

Another application arrival of Asia. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Kik is offering a various types of features like promotion chat and you can search people by their user name. Though it’s an option to you, it’s also much safer as other applications. But still it is good application as messaging app.

It is possibly its giving tough competition application in Asian countries. Currently it has more than 300 million registered users. It is compatible with all mobile operating systems, and PC and Mac. It allows calls, send multimedia files and voice messaging, in addition to providing a great shop Stickers that give an extra that others try to emulate.

So, I think you got some idea about Alternatives to WhatsApp. Choose any one of them and enjoy messaging. If you’re having any doubts regarding this article Best Alternatives to WhatsApp . Contact us through comment box.

Best free texting apps for Android List

Best free texting apps for Android List

In this modern digital era smartphones have become an integral part of the humans. Previously in olden days people used to contact each other only by the means of telephone. At that time people used to surprise about the technology that is used in the telephones. As years have passed the advancements have also increased rapidly. Now we are in a position where we can talk to other persons virtually i.e. having the feeling of their presence by means of video calling over the smartphones. This has shortened the distances between the people.
Android is one of the operating system that is very simple and yet very powerful. Few years back people used to send text messages to others by using the default sms plans. But now people have got a wide range of options for texting in Android. There are many apps that are built especially for texting. So today I am going to share 5 best and free texting apps for Android


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This is the stock messaging app that can be seen on all android devices. This app mostly does all of our needs seamlessly. As the android has been upgrading so does this messaging is also upgrading. Current version of Android is Lollipop and the interface and features of the latest messaging is awesome. If you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to use third party apps then this can satisfy your needs.


>> Create Stumble Account

This is an SMS app which has got recently upgraded to the Android L experience to it. This is one of the beautiful texting apps till date. It has got all the features that a stock messaging possess and some extra cool features too. This texting app is compatible with Moto 360, LG G watch and even Samsung Gear.


Handcent SMS is third party application that is built only for messaging. You can be able to customize the way the app handles incoming and outgoing messages to your taste. You can even schedule messages for your desired timings. This future is available only in PRO version. It can also be synchronized with Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter.

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This is one of the minimal and simplistic messaging app. The app has a simple tab setup where the profile pictures of your friends can be viewed easily. If you are a kind of person who loves using simple user interface then you should try this app.

This is one of the most secured texting app till date. This app has got many security features. Some of them are screenshots can be taken on this app. This app encrypts all your communications with end to end encryptions when you register your phone number with this app. ROMs like Cyanogen Mod uses this app as a default application and can be used for other standard devices also. This is for the people who likes privacy a lot.


So these are some of the best free texting apps for Android. All the above shared apps work flawlessly. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment below.

Windows Edge Browsers Features and How to use

Windows Edge Browser:

Right from the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has been constantly improving its features. In the older versions of Windows Internet Explorer used to be called as dumbest web browser. Most of the users considers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as their favourite browsers. Keeping this in mind Microsoft has completely upgraded its Internet Explorer. In the initial days of development it is named as Project Spartan and later on it is changed to Microsoft Edge as it carries the branding of using letter E as logos in previous versions of Windows. Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed with Windows 10. Now in this post I am going how you can change your homepage with Windows 10 Edge and some tricks for customizing it.

Features of Windows Edge Browser

1) Importing Bookmarks from other browsers

When you move over to Windows 10 from windows 8 or 8.1 applications gets reverted back to their default settings. So in order to import bookmarks

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Go to settings and then select Import favourites from other browser.
Select the browser from where you would like to import and click Import.
2) Setting up custom Home page

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Go to Settings and click Open with
Then there are few options such as Start Page, New tab page, previous pages and a specific page.
Select Specific page and then choose Custom and set your favourite page. By using this whenever you launch Microsoft Edge then the custom page will be opened.

3) Customize your websites

In Google Chrome and other browsers you can use your specific websites as the top sites. This feature is also available to latest Edge browser
Head on to Settings and choose open new tabs
Now you can select any of these three options. Those are Top sites and my news feed, Top sites, a bank page
After selecting your required option then you can be able to see them whenever you open a new tab in the browser.
4) Keyboard Short-cuts

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Keyboard short-cuts can helps us to do the work very much efficiently. So these are some of the short-cuts for Microsoft Edge

CTRL + / supposedly accesses the Omni bar, but we couldn’t reproduce this.

CTRL + Enter completes a website address with http:// and .COM if you only type the name, e.g.Facebook.

SHIFT + Enter adds .NETand…

CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER completes a .ORG address.

CTRL + 1 jumps to the first tab, CTRL + 2 to the second, and so on.

CTRL + G opens your Reading List.

CTRL + H opens the History.

CTRL + I opens your Favourite.

CTRL + D will let you add a new favourite.

CTRL + J opens your Downloads.

CTRL + K will clone the current tab.

CTRL + T opens a new tab.

CTRL + N opens a new window.
5) Change search engine

Edge browser uses Bing as the default search engine. However you can change this to Google.

Click on Advanced settings and select choose different search engine
Click on Add and then type in your favourite search engine.
Final Words

These are some of the best features of the latest Windows Edge browser. Keep visiting this website for more and more tricks on the Edge browser.

Change DropBox Account Password -How to


Change DropBox Password

We all know Dropbox performs in terms of file storing and file sharing. Thought there are many file sharing applications like BoxCryptor, Vivo, Cloudfogger, Owncloud and many more. Out of all those Dropbox is mostly preferred by the people due to it simple as well as minimal interface. Dropbox is also based upon the cloud storage. There are many advantage of using Dropbox. Some of those are fast and reliable of sharing files, compatibility with all most all the windows versions and etc.

Recently last year hacker have obtained around 7 million Dropbox usernames and passwords. The company said that Dropbox service was not hacked but by using various third party services usernames and passwords have been stolen. As there are many apps which integrates with Dropbox so it became difficult for them to track down. A simple fix from avoiding your content being hacked is just change your Dropbox account password.

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As Dropbox was hacked once so it improved its security systems and made a few modifications in the authentication process. Now it is a two-step verification process. This verification has been added to all the apps that are integrated with the Dropbox. In most of the cases a text message containing code will be sent to the registered phone number. By this way some protection can be provided to the users of the Dropbox.

Here are the simple steps to change your Dropbox account password

1) Head on to Dropbox official website

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2) Login to your account by filling your registered email address and password
3) After opening your account dashboard click on your name located in the top right corner. After that select Settings in that menu.
4) Next click on Privacy tab and click on Change Password

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5) Then you need to enter your old password and then type in new password and click on Change password. While typing the password it will be in the form of special characters like bullets for security purposes.

Final Words

This is the method to change password without any hassle. Make a note of your new password of your Dropbox account so that you will not forget it. If you face any issues in this process then comment down below

Delete DropBox Account or Close DropBox Account How to

Delete DropBox Account

Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing application that is available on the internet till date. You can store any type of files and media content. It has been very much useful for most of the people who shares their files more often. Dropbox has various plans and pricing accordingly. Free user plan just gives us about 2 GB. Depending upon the plan the amount of storage is also increased. Another best feature in Dropbox is its ability to share with friends without any hassle. So if you want to delete your Dropbox account for your personal reasons then here I am going to share an easy method to delete your Dropbox account.

How to Delete DropBox Account

1) Head on to Dropbox official website

2) Next you need to enter your registered email address and password and then click on Sign in.
3) After opening your account click your name in the top right corner and then a drop down menu appears then click on settings

>>> Create DropBox Account

4) Then click on Accounts.

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5) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find delete my Dropbox option. Just click it.
6) After clicking on it you need to enter your password, reason why you are leaving Dropbox and any other suggestions for improving Dropbox.

>>>> Reset Stumbleupon Password

After completion of this process you will be redirected to Dropbox main menu. Then you will be receiving a message stating that your account has been deleted and a caption like sorry to see you go.
You will receive a conformation email to your mail id. That’s it you have successfully deleted your Dropbox account.

Here some of the points that you need to know before deleting your Dropbox account:

You won’t lose all the files in Dropbox if you are deleting your Dropbox account. However you will be remained with the latest versions which you have deleted your account.
You cannot be able to synchronize your files to the updated versions on all of your devices.
If you delete your Dropbox account then you cannot be able to recover files of previous versions from Dropbox.

Final words

This is the best method to delete Dropbox account. Before deleting your deleting your Dropbox account think for a while as the files can no longer be useful to you. So if you have any doubts regarding the process then you can comment below.

Download Gaana for PC | Windows (7 8 8.1 10) | Mac – Install

Gaana App for PC

Gaana is another app providing official licensed free music service to the users. It features Hindi , Telugu , Tamil and most of the Indian languages songs.It had huge data over more than 50K songs. It can be downloaded for only Android , Windows , iOS platforms.

Download Gaana for PC | Windows (7 8 8.1 10) | Mac – Install

You can also listen music accessing gaana through direct official website. It also integrated Radio for the users provided by Gaana. It has launched in 2010, April and owned by Times Internet. The download procedure will be followed by Features of Gaana App for PC.

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Features of Gaana for PC

> You’ve options to set favorite songs list , Playists , Albums and Artists access via “My Zone” option.
> Even you can see Lyrics of favorite songs list.
> Enjoy free Non-stop Radio stations music.
Benefits of Gaana premium account (gaana+)
> You can enjoy songs in offline mode.
> Unlimited download for selected devices.
> There will be ad free on web & Mobile too.
> It can be used up to five devices.
See the price details in gaana.com to subscribe for it.

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Download Gaana App for PC – Windows [XP 7 8 8.1]

> Gaana App is downloaded through Microsoft Windows Store for Windows 8 or 8.1 versions.
> Go to windows Store and find the app in store.
> Install it on your PC.

> For those who are having Windows XP or 7, use Bluestacks emulator or any type of emulator to download app.

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Download Gaana App for Mac OS

> It can be extracted from iTunes.So, Download Gaana app over there for Mac OS.
> If you’re Mac OS computer or Laptop is behind system requirements for PC, Install it through Bluestacks Emulator.

Hope, you enjoy reading our article and you’re requirements might be filled. Comment to ask any doubts or queries about ” Download Gaana for PC | Windows (7 8 8.1 10) | Mac – Install